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The Dirty South Short Film


Bishop Classics 2011

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Bishop Selects: Part 2

This past spring I spent quite a bit of time in Bishop. About 15 days in total over 4 trips to be exact. During those trips I primarily focused on shooting video. Which is something fairly new and very exciting for me. I love working with moving pictures. It’s such a different process then still imagery and an separate art of its own.

I did however manage to grab a few stills every now and then. I didn’t always bring out the strobes which is what I usually do and instead shot mostly by “natural” light. This forced me to break out of my comfort shell a little. Which is rather hilarious given its much more complicated to shoot with strobes. Especially climbing. But I find it very easy to hide behind flashes and burn the crap out of people’s retinas so a little “sun” is good for me.

Here are 3 images from a trip in March and April.

Eric Sanchez cruising the crux of Secrets of the Beehive (V5).

Eric runs a quick lap on The Hunk (V2) late in the day.

Eric snatches the lip on the 3rd Ascent of Half Shark Alligator, Half Man (V11).

This climb (to my knowledge) was originally called Sun Catcher. Dan Mills did the FA about 2 months ago. On that first send he dabbed pretty big time. However he went back and did a proper ascent with no dab then changing the name. Word has it that Charlie Barrett did the 2nd ascent about a week before Eric did. This line is really amazing. Super hard pocket pulling with an aggressive low percentage crux move. This problem will be included in a soon to be released Bishop short film.


A Bouldering image

This is an image of Eric trying the super hard dyno move on Athletes Die Young (V5) at the Le Conte Memorial in Yosemite Valley back in October of 2009. We haven’t gone back yet to finish this rig up but it’s hard. It’s graded V5 but I’m confident that it is truly harder then V5. I feel like after the valley guidebook came out in may have broke.

Berkeley Bouldering

Yesterday I rolled out to Berkeley to climb with some friends at Mortar Rock. I really didn’t climb but instead shoot A TON of video and stills.

This is the first out of about 3 different things I will be putting together with the footy.

This was also the first time I’ve dedicated myself primarily to shooting video. I must say that I really enjoyed it. Especially using an HDdSLR. It just feels natural to shoot video on these new cameras.

For this video I borrowed a Nikon D90 and used a few different lenses. An 18-105/3.5-5.6 VR (great steady shots), a 17-55/2.8DX (awesome depth of field and at 17mm it just barely gives some barrel distortion) and a 50/1.4 (HUGE depth of field, great pull focus shots).

Most of this was done hand held and some a tri pod. Nothing fancy.

I’m really psyched as this is my first “real” climbing short and I think that I pulled it off.

As always, please leave any questions or comments you may have.

Climb On!