2012 Demo Reel

Last week I found a need for me to have a demo reel to help pursue some opportunities. As well as create a few new ones that would have been previously unavailable. So far, I have had a great reaction from my friends, friends of friends and even a few working profesionals. I’m psyched that everyone is enjoying it.

It’s crazy how much work can go into one of these things. My first cut was around 3.5 mins and after many critiques and comments I was able to cut it down to just over 2 mins. It was a fun process trying to piece together who I am as a videographer and create a style and brand for myself. It was also interesting going thru basically ALL the video I shot in the last year. Let me tell ya, for not being a full production company and or a vlogger I shot A LOT. For the Bishop Classics video I shot close to 90 gigs in 16 days! Granted I was editing lightly in the field. You just never know when a shot you think is junk is actually gold for something random.

The great part of putting this reel together was being able to show a few clips that I hadn’t used in other projects. Also, there are a few shots from the Tahoe video that is almost done that weren’t in the trailer. Mostly clips from the trailer however. But a few sneak peaks.

I’m still waiting to hear about a few potential projects but a few others that weren’t apart of the original thought process have come up. I’m very excited to start pursuing videography and film a lot more. I have a million ideas going through my head and am honestly having a hard time sorting thru them all and trying to figuring out what is possible right now. But I will say my thoughts about video and photo are about 95-5 right now. Which is a huge shift for me. But I couldn’t be more stoked about it.

I’m really looking forward to 2012. I see a lot of potential in my skills and my strong motivation to just seize the day. I have a ton of projects, video and non-video related lined up and I expect to be ridiculously busy pretty soon. A lot of big things are happening this year and I’m STOKED to be a part of them.

So here’s to 2012!



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