Bishop Classics 2011

I’m super psyched to have finally finished up this Bishop video. I remember when I first started the project. Almost exactly an entire year ago. I knew that it was going to be a big undertaking but I never thought that it would be as large as it turned out to be.

Half of that was truly the amount that we filmed, but throw in the steep as the East Side of the Captain learning curve and was a huge project. I truly have gotten to where I’m at with video editing and camera operation because of this video. A lot of stuff I’m doing know I figured out while editing this film and a lot of mental innovations where reached along the way.

I had many set backs through the process. When I started shooting this I was still using iMovie. Now I have made the jump to Premier Pro. And along with that came a whole new start to the editing process. I had a computer’s logic keyboard die. That set it back a few months. Then there was the whole Boulder thing. When I went to Colorado I didnt have the computer I could work on back yet. More months of waiting.

And there was the exporting problems. Not sure what all happened there but I think it was a combination of iMovie moving files and changing there names and such and different video parameters and frame rates.

But alas, it is finished and live. The first 3 days saw over 3,000 views and now, 13 days in were nearing 4.5 thousand. I’m psyched. I have gotten a lot of GREAT feedback. Most people have nothing but good things to say which gets me psyched. And the fact that people are actually watching this thing is awesome. I think these more recent films I have been working on look so much better. But thats the whole process right? Learning from your mistakes then making the next one better.

Anyways, enough of that. Here is the film. Enjoy!!


Alton Richardson and The Ground Up Collective would like to present a collection of classic boulder problems from the Spring 2011 Bishop bouldering season.

Bishop Classics is a short film created in the Spring of 2011. It features many well know and sought after 5 star lines as well as the 3rd ascent footage of Half Shark Alligator, Half Man.

Starring, in order of appearance:

Alton Richardson
Eric Sanchez
Fabian Dior Siwajian

Featured climbs:
Rave (V7) – Happy Boulders
Disco Diva (V8) – Happy Boulders
Red Rum Sit (V10) – Happy Boulders
Bowling Pin Sit (V6) – Buttermilks
Fly Boy Sit (V8, Flash) – Buttermilks
Saigon (V6) – Buttermilks
Secrets of the Beehive (V5) -Buttermilks
Strength in Numbers (V5) – Sad Boulders
Half Shark Alligator, Half Man (V11, 3rd Ascent) – Sad Boulders
Evilution to the lip (V10) – Buttermilks
Xavier’s Roof (V11) – Buttermilks

Alton Richardson
Eric Sanchez
Justin Ancira

Alton Richardson

DeadMou5 – “Strobe” remix
Adele – “Rolling in the Deep” UNI remix
Twista + Kanye – “Overnight Celebrity” TaifunBeats remix
Passion Pit – “Sleepyhead” Borgore remix
Little Dragon – “Twice” Izzles remix

Directed by:
Alton Richardson

Produced by:
Alton Richardson & The Ground Up Collective

Executive Producers:
Justin Ancira
Vitaly Volberg

2011 All Rights Reserved

Please download and distribute EVERYWHERE!!


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