Enjoy Rain

Please click the link to watch the film in HD or at least some better form of quality. For some reason wordpress will only let me publish it in the lowest possible quality. Play in HD!

I shot that short a few weeks ago and edited it that night. I’m not sure why I have held onto it this long but here it is.

This was the outcome of a crazy lineage of inspiration. Let me explain.

My friend Mark Fore took a picture of someone silhouetted but backlit with flour thrown up at the moment of capture. It looks really cool! I wanted to do the same but with climbing chalk.

I got together with Eric Sanchez and Julian shot a picture with the same idea but light him from the front as well. We filmed a Behind the Scenes video to submit to but we didnt make the deadline do to an exporting error.

A few weeks later we Julian and I finsihed the bts video up and go it uploaded. My good friend Vincent Termini saw the video and got super psyched to shot some video of his own. He made this awesome short on rain and I was blown away. Immediately I wanted to make one too. 45 minutes later I was out shooting puddles!

I love how that flow of creativity and inspiration happened and I cannot wait for more of it to occur!

So please send all positive vibes my way and lets make some art!



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