Kyle Lawhorn

Today I was supposed to photograph a subject for a story that I’ve been working on for Naked Magazine. We’ll she didn’t show. But since I dragged a fellow student out of our photo class (which I had already had been skipping some of to scout the location) which was going over basic studio lighting, I wanted to at least make a picture for him. And myself.

Lighting info after the jump!

It was very overcast out today which is great for on location lighting. I wanted to use on light from the begining to keep it simple since I told her it would only take about 5-10 mins. So I through a white shoot through on a stand. Originally, I was going to have Kyle hold the light up and above her but since I was shooting my assistant I resolved to keeping the light on the ground. There was wind out so I kept the stand lower and had him kneel.

I wanted to ambient light to be 2 stops down and with my ISO at 100 that put me at about F5. I wanted it to be a little darker and for the trees to emphasized more so I through on a circular polarizer bringing my aperture to F3.2.

I really dig the dark ambient and that the background through the tress in out of focus. I was trying my best to replicate using a ND filter but I will just have to wait a little longer for this bad boy.

As always please leave any questions or comments below!

Happy Shooting!


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