It seems lately, I have been taking a lot of pictures of dogs. Both for work and for leisure. Maybe it is because I don’t own a dog and have never personally had any dogs. I have had dogs in the family, but they have never been “my” dog. A dog is a special bond and I have been thinking a lot about that and owning a dog in general. I know that financial I can’t do it right now, nor could there be another dog at my house. But I have decided that owning a dog is a goal of mine that I need to work towards. Now, goals and I haven’t been on the best of terms necessarily, but thats ok. In order to have a dog, certain things need to be in order. Having those things in order will not just mean that I can get a buddy, it means that I’m doing well for myself and have my shit together. And a little money. When the time comes when I can actually consider having a dog in my life, I will be a truly happy man.

Yoshi in the thick of it.

Yoshi airborne.

Swisher muggin.

Yoshi sleepin’.



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