Winter at Lake Del Valle

I rose early this morning to photograph the sunrise. At first I didn’t know what or where I was going to shoot my I figured I’d get some coffee and let the light guide me. A few days ago it snowed in the hills around Livermore and the temperatures have been low enough to retain a decent little amount (considering the Livermore hills are between 600-800 feet give or take). I hadn’t had the oppourtunity yet to photograph this very rare occasion so I made today that day.

I have been reading Galen Rowell’s book Mountain Light and have been really inspired to shoot more landscapes. I thought about his work as my car drove up the gentle winding road that leads to Lake Del Valle.

After climbing up into the hills it drops down to the lake, but if you pull off early at the top you have many very unique views of the Livermore Valley, Lake Del Valle and a wonderful hill side and valley gunsight notch just blocking a view of the Sierras.

Shooting landscapes is hard for me. I have a hard time building workable images in my head but when things do align I like the results. It also gives me a lot of time to really tune up my re-touching skills.

I’m starting to build a small collection of Livermore landscapes which is exciting. I love it when portfolios begin to emerge. But I can’t hold back from showing off some of the work so here are 3 images from today.

This is looking towards the north east.

I really wanted to try and create a back lit image with a solar flare. I think I succeed pretty well with this one. It gives me some ideas for another but I will have to find the right trees. I have some in mind that may work.

This image is my favorite of the bunch. I love the detail of hill. It looks really small to our eyes but our minds know that it is probably pretty big but since there is nothing to show scale it’s up to our minds to determine HOW big it is. This image is first of its kind for me. Very excited!

That’s it!

Love you all!



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