Where’s the new stuff at up in this?

Attention: New site coming soon!

My good friend Jacob Counsell over at Pixel Lust.

has been hard at work building my new site and its looking REALLY good. I don’t think that my camera is good enough to make the pictures that this site needs. Think full screen. The image will be reaching every corner of your monitor. And if your monitor is too small? There is a scrolling thing set up so you can view the entire picture. Also makes panorama pictures look pretty legit. Guess I need to shoot some. Major editing has began for the new galleries and I’m really looking forward to finishing up.

The following are some new and old images appearing close to how they will be looking on the site. Minus the watermark. That will be somewhere else. But at least you will be able to get a feel for the “brand” that we have been trying to create.



Eric Sanchez clipping the chains on Warp Factor, 5.13a at Star Walls, Donner, Ca.

Jessie Palomino pulls through pockets on Bubba Butt Buster, V11 in the Happy Boulders of Bishop, Ca.

Eric Sanchez working moves on Groundation, v6/7 at Castle Rock State Park, Ca.


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