I’ve been climbing a bit

Mt. Tom 13,652 ft.

Too many things have happened for me to even properly recount everything since my last post. But I will give a short summary.

Since my last post i have:

-driven approx. 1600+ miles for climbing.
-been in 2 states
-gone to Yosemite 3x’s
-gone to Castle Rock 3x’s
-went to bishop for a week
-and most recently The Arboretum twice.

So to say that I have been getting out a little bit is an understatement.

All the trips were great with awesome people and antics all time. I even managed to tick off some classic routes and problems and add a few of my own to an area.

-Commitment 5.9, Yosemite
-Salenginella 5.8, Yosemite
-Bishop Terrace 5.8, Yosemite
-Jam Crack 5.9, Yosemite
-Battle of the Bulge V6, Yosemite
-The Hulk V6, The Happy’s (2nd Go)
-Cave Route V6, Buttermilks
-Flash of Birthday Direct V3
-Sharma Traverse V8, Castle Rock
-The Quiver V7, Castle Rock
-Triple Cracks V6, The Arboretum
-Flash of Lobster Claw V5, The Arboretum
-Onsight FA of Thatch Roof Cottages V3, The Arboretum
-FA of New Fingers V5/6, The Arboretum

That is just a few. I could go on alot more listing all the awesome stuff I have been climbing. I have been feeling really strong and have pretty much been ticking off V6’s almost everyday I go out. Its a really good feeling.

Ad mist all the climbing I have even been able to find a little bit of time to do some shooting as well!

Eric Sanchez working The Force V9, Yosemite

Jesse Palomino working a project of his, Bubba Butt Buster V11, the Happy’s

Lauren Barnard on her first V3, Birthday Direct, Buttermilks

Now back to the Arboretum. This place in INSANE! Limestone. That all I have to say. I love the stuff. This specific limestone even has some granite in it here and there so it supplies great granite features as well. I have not bouldered at a place this good in Nor-Cal. Its up there with Buttermilks in my opinion. And the greatest thing, not too many people climb here or even know about this place! Which makes it great. No crowds. EVER!

Here are two videos of some problems that I put up on wednesday 4/22.

The first I called Thatch Roof Cottages (homage to the Homestar Runner theme in the immediate area of the problem). It starts matched and works slopers and crimps up an arete to a decent but a little dirty top out.

Thatch Roof Cottages (V3) from Alton Richardson on Vimeo

The second is called New fingers (more Homestar Runner innuendos). It starts at the bottom of a flared edge/crack and works up and right into the top out of Thatch Roof. This line is one of the best I have ever climbed no doubt and marks the hardest FA I have done to date.

New Fingers (V5/6) from Alton Richardson on Vimeo.

Well thats about it. Hope you enjoyed. see you at the crag!


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