Like a blade of grass…..

Today, I was walking to the school cafeteria to make a picture or two from the blood drive that was going on when I walked by someone that I attended high school with. I saw him from afare and remembering how I used to be then and how I wasn’t necesarily a “popular” kid I bowed my head and walked by starring at the ground. As we passed he says “Hey man!”
I then turn around and pretend like I did not see him and say hi as well. He was not able to stay and chat because he was late for class so I just said “alright man, have a good one.”

I feel like an ass because I bowed my head. Why did I do that? Was it instinct from high school? Or did I not wan’t to say hi to someone that I knew just because we were acquintances? I don’t know. But what I do know is that afterwards I felt like an ass.

So, as I continued into the cafeteria to make my pictures, I found out that the drive was already over. I walked out even more upset because I had no pictures. I didn’t even really care about making a picture for the paper but more for myself.

So I decided to shoot a “follow-up” to an image I shot as a stand alone a few issues ago. The image showed a gentlmen spraying some seed onto the bare earth in front of the new 2400 building at LPC which holds the Express Newspaper Office. The image I shot today shows that grass and the new building.

I like the picture alot becauuse the focus isn’t on the building, or the student in the picture, or the grass as a whole. Its on a couple of blades of grass, doing their thing. While each individual blade grasses it out, they all come together to look beautiful, provide play surfaces, and to provide homes for many insects.

I want to think about that concept and apply it to life. How is society and more specifically the LPC community going to get better as a whole unless each individual does there part. Instead of cowering because of the past. Our community is not going to go forward unless everyone is being the best they can be and doing what is right. And part of what is right is saying hello to strangers. Perhaps that stranger has been in a bad mood all day and your one simple act of saying hello as you walked by helps them to feel better. Then they are going to pass it on and do something good for another. Its like that movie Pay It Forward or that commercial were people see others doing something good so they do something good and someone else sees them so on and so forth.

This especially applies to people you know. You know them! Say hello! I should have done that. I don’t know why I didn’t but I feel terrible about it. I wasn’t doing my part for my community. So, in order to do that, I plan on saying hello to everybody I cross paths with for the rest of the day.

Oh and heres that picture of the grass. Think about your self as that single blade and what you are doing for the greater good.



  1. Joe

    cool. i can relate to the begining with pretending not to know old aqcuaintances from HS, i definitely do that a lot.the pic is cool as well.

  2. Kristin

    Hey buddy. I really love that photo of the grass and the building and your use of perspective and focus. By the way, if this doesn’t let me use my blogger ID, this is Kristin from the Express last semester (photojournalist). I always read your blogs and check out your photographs. I wish that I had the photographic knowledge that you do. i was just noticing your usage of light, and how different it is than mine. I know that you use an off-camera light-source, and I haven’t tried that yet, but I just wanted you to know that I think you have some real great work!

  3. Alton G. Richardson

    Hey thank you much Kristin!!! I was pretty sure it was you. Hows Texas? Thank you for reading my blog and the wonderful comments. Please feel free to ask any questions that come to mind. Thanks again very much for reading!

  4. Lauren

    I finally read the whole thing. I love it…your analogies are perfect. Just reading it put me in a good mood. You’re indeed multi-talented 🙂

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