It was………..

A week ago today I woke up in a tent situated just a little to close to the Buttermilks main road. A van speeding by is what initially woke me up but a towering Casey (Brendan’s good friend from work) startled my eyes into full openness. After Casey meandered away I looked left and could see the famous Birthday boulder very clearly. Past that was the boulder field holding such gems as Stained Glass and Iron Man. To the right of that, the top of Grandma Peabody was visible. In my clouded state of waking up I could see myself on the top of that airy 5.9 arete. Haha, yeah right.

This was my first morning in Bishop. Ever. And we had decided to visit the Buttermilk Country first. That place is amazing. Everything is perfect. The rock is amazing. The climbing mind blowing and the rest time almost as good.

Our first day at Bishop brought us to warm up at the Birthday boulder. Where as many in the bouldering community do, we shared crash pads with two lads from Reno, Nevada. Eric and Fabian.

We ended up spending the rest of our stay in the Buttermilks with them. Then shared dinner. Then a camp site and beers. Then on Sunday, we went a climbed at the Happy’s with them and after lunch went out to the Sads so Eric and Eric could do Pow Pow.

My weekend could not have been any better. Hung out with my lovely girlfriend Lauren, Meet some great people, ate great food, climbed some awesome classics and shot some good frames.

The one thing that was hard however was balancing shooting with climbing. Its hard to do both and get good results on either side. I didn’t necessarily do to bad on both ends (I flashed Eric’s favorite V4, The Rising) but I’m not necessarily satisfied with my achievements on those ends as well. But I’m also not dissatisfied.

Now that I look back, life in Bishop, and any where else really that is Dirtbag friendly, isn’t to bad. Its a lot of fun. And I can’t wait until the day when I can support my dirtbag habits with my photography.

Until then, here are some of the images from our second day at the Sad’s.

If you would like to see a gallery of our Buttermilkin’ en devours, then click here.


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