Spring Break and before

So I have not posted in a while. During this time of no posts I have had the priveledge of doing alot of fun things. Here are a few images from my travels.

The weekend before Spring Break and a big group of us (Valley Rock Climbers) went out to the Grotto at Table Mountain.

This is Eric Sanchez redpointing Dwarf Toss (5.12a) on the cave wall. That kid pretty much dominated the Grotto on this trip.

Brendan doesn't follow chalk marks

That is Brendan Gagnon give it his all on AC Devil Dog (5.10c). He didnt finish the lead but is planning on finishing it for the redpoint send soon.

Last Monday, I went out to Santa Cruz with Lauren and a bunch of her friends. It was alot of fun. The sun and sand felt really good.

Lauren and her Chaco's

Then Wedsnesday night Lauren and I went backpacking up in the Sunol Ohlone Wilderness. That was rad.

Then on Saturday I went mountain biking with Brian.

Fernin' it

Thats about it. Now I’m back in school. Lame.

-Alton Richardson


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