Season’s Tidings

Phew! I’m so glad that the holidays are just about over. Don’t get me wrong, I love Christmas and I love seeing family. Why I don’t love is the fact that when I do see my family whatever the event, it’s usually not my whole family. This needs not be explained in detail, but what I will say is that certain members of certains sides of my familia are either not to fond of each other or don’t like the whole family get together thing do to bad blood.

Even so, I still ended up having a decent holiday. Got some clothes, a subscription to Climbing Magazine, a new beenie, an audio recorder and a few others little tid bits. All making for a good holiday.

Even better was my time spent with my lovely and “dainty” girlfriend Lauren. On Christmas day we went for a nice little hike at our local Lake Del Valle. Very nice. Beautiful skies, beautiful landscape. Very peaceful. Walking amongst the trees and on the dirt trails always seems to bring me back down to earth and to myself. Back to where I need to be. Peaceful.



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