Broken cars and legs

Yesterday I posted a blog talking about not regreting choices or inconvient timing. I could not have been more on point. For certain events occured last night after that blog post that just seem to ring true to what I said. In particular the last paragraph.

So after finishing up a few things after my post I went out to my car to go home when I discovered that my car wouldn’t start. So two hours later, with my friend Brian waiting for me at my house, I get to home with my car on the bed of a tow truck. We get the car down, park it and continue on our way to our local climbing gym for our usual Tuesday/Thursday climb seshes.

Brian and I get to the gym. Warm up for 20-30 minutes then start working on a boulder problem that has been eluding or finish for a couple of weeks now. Not even ten minutes into the sesh Brian gets spit off from the wall and ends up breaking his Fibia in his right leg.

I take him to the local emergency room where our thoughts are confirmed. Yup, broken, Fibia (thats what we thought, Brian is an EMT). Great. At least 6-8 weeks of his ski season gone.

I feel so bad. It sucks to be held up with a broken leg. I know. Its happened to me. Thankfully Brian didn’t break his as bad as I did so that is always positive.

I wish Brian the best of luck with his recovery. And I’m sure that this all happened for a reason. At least thats how it was for me.



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