Hello There: Richard Holland

Hello There. A weekly look at students who attend Las Positas College. As seen published in the Express Student Newspaper.

Text By: Stacey Eiden

The lights dim, the credits roll, and the person who sold your ticket and helped you could actually be a fellow student at Las Positas College.

Richard Holland works part time at the Regal Cinemas in Dublin. For almost two years, he has sold tickets, worked concessions, and done all the numerous jobs at the theater.
Holland graduated from Castro Valley High School and began his extended educational journey this year. This Fall is his first semester at LPC. Holland, already focused on his future career, is majoring in engineering. He plans to transfer to UC Davis where he will major in bio-chemical engineering.

Holland’s typical Saturday night is similar to other students’. He likes to visit with friends except when his brother is in town. On those occasions Holland enjoys a night out with his sibling.

Along with keeping busy with work and school, Holland finds the time to kick back and enjoy life. Holland and his friends find entertainment in playing pranks on one another. The best prank Holland pulled took place at the LPC library. “There is a book in the library called ‘Understanding Herpes.’ Our friend went to the bathroom, and when he wasn’t paying attention we slipped it into his backpack. When he walked out the censor went off,” which made for an awkward situation.

Through bursts of laughter, Holland remembers pranks that have been played on him. He has had the usual saran wrapped car, but he believes a good prank has not been pulled on him, at least not yet.


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