Morning Comes……Late

I woke late again this morning. Around noon. Class starts a noon thirty. I was 20 minutes late.

When I got into class we were doing “hell sheets” which is basically us reveiwing our newspaper that we published the week before. When then had a guest speaker. told us a bunch of crap. It’s all good though, he is entitled to his opinion as well as I.

All of this didn’t interest me. All I wanted to do was edit my images from my shoot with Helepolis. 3 of the shoots came out pretty good. Another two will require alot of photoshopping and I didnt feel like spending the time on it today. Here is one of the shots.

At 4:30 it was time to go and work on another assignment for the Express. We are doing a feature on the Fire Technology Dept. at school. This is the first of two days that I will spend shooting the class.

All of the students are wanting to obtain a job as a fire fighter someday. I hope the best for them. And what a bunch of hardcore guys they are.

I have been reading Kevin Germans blog alot and studying his work. The previous two images I created for myself but with visual inspiration from Kevin. If you haven’t seen his work I have a link to his blog. Go and look at his stuff. Truly amazing.



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