A days analysis

No photo’s tonight. Just text. Today was a good day. Slept in late, which isn’t too good because I tend to do that way to much. Then I headed out to San Jose with Julian and the band Helopolis. We were heading to their drummers house for their band practice. Shot a few images during the practice. Nothing special, just trying to get a feel for them and their interactions with their instruments.

After practice, we went to eat at University Chicken. Very tasty place. If you haven’t been I suggest that you get out there and check it out.

After eating we decided to make use of the excellent downtown San Jose architecture. So we set up in an allie way next to Univeristy Chicken. Did a few shots there including an idea that I had out photoshopping seperate images together so that it looked like the guys were floating.

After the allie shoot, we walked over to City Hall. We did another shot using the lights in the ground. Then another one requiring photoshopping of images together. This time the guys will be peaking out from behind some flag poles. We’ll see how that one goes.

As of tonight, I watched another excellent episode of Dexter. The preview for next weeks dont look so good. It seems that Dexter gets caught. If so, damn, that lame.

I plan on posting some of the images from todays shoot tomorrow. So ya, until then stay irie.



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