Hello There: Tina Matin

Hello There. A weekly look at students who attend Las Positas College. As seen published in the Express Student Newspaper.

Text by Julian Lim.

Coming from a colorful background of Iranian, Italian, English and Irish heritage, it’s pretty clear that Las Positas College student, Tina Matin, would eventually fall in love with the many different languages on Earth and the cultures that come with them.

Though Matin hasn’t decided on a major yet, she expressed interests in majoring in English and minoring in language studies.

“I would like to be a translator, maybe for something involving politics,” Matin said. “If not, I would like to be a language teacher at a college level, but not high school level because I don’t have the patience to put up with those kids.”
Matin was a little embarrassed to say that she’s in her third year at LPC but she does like to credit LPC for its small student-insrtuctor ratio. “When I was taking math classes, the ILC was a big help,” Matin said.

Aside from studying, Matin loves to travel, spontaneously in fact. Just the other day, Matin and her friend drove to Milipitas for pearl tea drinks. “Some people think it’s a waste of gas but it’s the cause that matters. Plus, it’s like an adventure,” explained Matin.

Matin has traveled far and wide. The furthest she’s gone is Europe and visited her dad in Iran. She loved her time spent in Iran.

She recalls having to wear headscarves outside her dad’s home. Because it was in the summer, the days would be hot but the nights would be perfect.

On the warm 75 to 80 degree nights, Matin and her brother would lie on the roof of her dad’s house to talk and look at the stars.

“There’s a big difference between here (the United States) and there (Iran),” Matin said “One thing is that we have a lot of luxuries and we all seem to take certain things for granted.”


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