Hello There: Melissa Hernandez

Hello There. A weekly look at students who attend Las Positas College. As seen published in the Express Student Newspaper. http://www.lpcexpress.org

Text By: Julian Lim

Meet Melissa Hernandez.
Melissa was found in the student center working diligently on her math studies. The small pierced-lipped young lady with chunks of color in her hair was not prepared for the mob approaching her.

First, she was hesitant to talk about herself, due to the strange and unusual pack of student journalists mobbing around her. A few minutes of what she call “question probing,” results in her opening up and becoming comfortable around the journalists. She giggles when she’s comfortable.

Melissa is a Tracy High School graduated who hails from Tracy, Calif. Shortly after graduating, she enrolled at Las Positas College. This is her first semester at LPC and she managed to pick up 15 units.

She goes to school five days a week. Melissa studies the general courses that she needs to transfer to University of California Davis. She chose UC Davis for a number of reasons. One of the reasons is, she wants to be a pediatrician and according to her, Davis is, “damn well–accredited” for a medical field of study.

She loves kids, but she doesn’t have any kids. She wants kids, but later in life.

The free time she has is spent at concerts. The most recent concert she attended was Horrorpops (a psychobilly band) concert in August. She then went on to say that Horrorpops will be playing on Halloween night in a small club in San Francisco called Bottom of the Hill. Though she wants to go to the concert, she has class that night, showing how devoted she is to her studies.


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