Hello There: Emily Petersen

Hello There. A weekly look at students who attend Las Positas College. As seen published in the Express Student Newspaper.

Text by Julian Lim.

If you adjust the aperture, your depth of field changes. Now adjust your shutter speed accordingly. Finally, look focus in on the subject. Who is it?

Its 1st year Las Positas College photography student, Emily Peterson.

Before LPC, Petersen graduated from Village High School in Pleasanton. Ever since she began her years as a teenagers, the photography bug has struck her. She received her first camera at the age of 16 and hasn’t stopped shooting since.
Although Petersen hasn’t officially declared a major, she says she’s leaning towards photography. “I simply love it,” Petersen says.

Since she began her photography journey, Petersen has tried many different styles and subjects to shoot. But out of all of those, Petersen loves to take people’s portraits. “It’s really personal and there’s a certain intimacy between you and the subject that you can’t get no where else,” said Petersen, “In fact, I just finished a photo shoot of some of my best friends.”
Aside from Photography, she loves music, traveling and meeting people. When asked about who is one of the cooler people that she had recently met, she replied, “Lisa Gould.” (For those who are not familiar Lisa Gould, she is a photography instructor at LPC.) “Lisa is really cool,” said Petersen, “She’s really open minded and she’s gives suggestions to help you out with your work.”

Petersen says that she has about a year to a year and a half left of school. After that, she hopes to enroll at an art school to help further her career in photography. Perhaps after that, we’ll she her name in the credit line of photos in magazines.


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