Summer wrap-up

Summer is officialy done and school is going full on. And this heat? My goodness! It is way to hot here in Livermore, Ca.

Anyways, I got back about 3 weeks ago from working at Camp Wolfeboro, a Boy Scout camp 45 minutes out of Arnold, Ca. I was there for 9 weeks, surrounded by the beauty that is the Stanislaus National Forest. Awesome Place. I’m not going to bore you all with a whole bunch of images from my summer, but I thought that I would be nice to at least share a few. Please Enjoy!

This is the end of the opening camp fire of week 5.

This is Mr. Brian Peer climbing Sidewinder (V2) on Rut Rock.

Brian and I led a trek to the Dardanelles (a ridge of awesome extinct cinder cones, Class 3) towards the end of summer. On the first day we got pinned down by a crazy thunder storm. About 5 miles of bushwacking and a few hours later, we found ourselves ascending this really nasty granite slab. It took about 20 minutes to reach the top (slow scout hiking pace) but when we did we were treated with this awesome sunset as we over looked Spicer’s Meadow Resevoir.

This is from the top of the Dard’s. Elevation aroound 8,600 feet. The board that he is holding is actually a peice of siding from the Hike Shack (very old building at Wolfeboro that we run the climbing and trek programs out of). It has a Wolfeboro tree brand on it as well as signatures from old staff. I am very honored to have been able to add my name to the list. This peice of wood has kind of inherited the role of the register for the Dard’s. Aside from staff scratchings, they’re also names of other people that aren’t affiliated with the camp.

I very much dislike waking up at 6 in the morning. However I do like exposing for the sky and water and then combing the two images to create a beautiiful shot of the Wonderful Wolfeboro Waterfront. Props to Bri for getting my butt up.

So there are a few images from my excellent summer. I had alot of fun and can’t wait to work there again.

Since being home, I have spent alot of time reading David Hobby’s ( blog and countless hours surfing the Strobist message boards on This has motivated me to look at light alot differently than I had previously. Here is some of the stuff that I have been experimenting with.

This is a photo of my friend Richhard Carillo grinding through a Frontside 5-0 in Dublin, Ca.

Some of you may not know but I have a pretty bad case of insomnia. It really is terrible. So on a sleepsless night about 2 weeks ago I decided to go outside and come back until I had created a picture. This is what I came up with. Note the tree in the background on the left.

My good friend Andre is rather ridiculous. But I love him none the less.

This is my first attempt at shooting cars. I think that it turned out alright. Nothing special, but I do like it.

Thank you all!

Till next time,

Alton Richardson.

And remeber to stay IRIE!


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