The last six months or so..

So, it has been a while since my last post. When I last blogged, it was the night before the Livermore Art & Wine Festival. Previously known as the Honey & Wine Festival. I said that I would post some images of the festival. I never did.

Until now. Enjoy.

Mr. Brian Covey of The Pendeltons.

Tony Trevino Jr. bluesin’ it on a harmonica.

Mr. Covey again some with lead guitar.

This guy plays bass foor this really cool Latin Jazz band. I don’t remeber their name, so I have to figure that one out. They played on the main stage on the second day of the festival. If that helps at all.

This gentleman played a really mean guitar for that same band.

So, that was the festival as seen from my lens. All in all, a pretty good weekend, minus my allergies.

Here is a collection of different images that I have been gathering in the last six months. I never did anything with any of these photo’s until now. I didnt even edit any of them until last night. I’ve been holding onto a few of them for a little while now so it’s about time they got out and saw the world.

The following are a collection of some shots from two different trips to San Francisco last December.

Here is a guy who probably makes alot more money than I do, waiting for an evening Bart Train.

This was from the second trip to the city. A group of friends and I went to give PB&J sandwhiches to the homeless, hang out with ’em and take pictures. This is part of our group praying with one of the first guys that we ran into.


After setting a christmas tree on fire on the beach, we wen’t up to Mission Peak. This is the Bay Bridge at a 400mm focal length.

And the famous Golden Gate Bridge. Last weekend was the 70th anniversary of the bridge opening. Just a random tid-bit.

This is Jodie Koski. She is way awesome.

These next few are just some others photo’s that I’ve been with-holding. Haha.

Mid-Winter sunset over the Livermore Rail Ways.

Nights in Livermore can be long. This helps, sometimes. Not advised however.

A portrait of my good friend Andrew Villa during a studio lecture at LPC.

Here is another one.

These next few pictures are from a snowboard trip that I wen’t on with my old troop, 912.

Colton Sehmsdorf and Nick Sarracco proving that they know their shapes but are still having trouble coloring inside the lines.

Colton hiding behind himself.

Our attempt at being Street Fighters. Hyduken!

The trees in Arnold where all tripped out that we were there. They didn’t mind though. They told me.

Through Nick’s eye’s. Rather, eye.

What’s up Bud?

A few of the 912 Eagle Scouts. (From L-R) Colton Sehmsdorf, Nick Sarrocco and myself.

Ya, I don’t know what this one is all about. But it sure looks cool.

Here is my good friend Jay shreddin’ his dirt bike moments before night fall.

And another of the backyard tabletop.

Wow, my camera is slow.

A few spring leaves.

And another.

I can’t wait to be surrounded by pine needles. Haha. 10 days and counting.

Here is some skate stuff that Preston and I have doing lately. Pretty simple stuff. Nothing fancy. On-camera flash (which is lame and after I get my wireless triggers wont EVER do again) for some. I think they still came out alright though.

Nollie Back Smith

Another angle. Same trick.

Back Suski. This was a set-up shot, hence the color corrected tungsten white balance. But he landed it so what can ya do.


Back 180.

Here is another back 180.

Kickflip fakie.

Switch front board.

And last but certainly not least, nollie back-lip.

So ya, there ya have it. Hope that you all enjoy. This may be my last post for a little while. In ten days I will be at Camp Wolfeboro for 9 weeks. I’m working as a rock climbing merit badge counselor. I cant wait, it’s gunna be a lot of fun.

Next week however, I should be getting my new lighhting kit and wireless triggers, so I may have to put a lil’ somethin’ sommethin’ up right before I leave. We’ll see though.

So long for now, stay safe and have a great summer.

Peace, Love and Jah Bless!!!



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