Last night I spent two hours in the studio with my good friend, Daren Noodleman. He needed some head shots for an application so we shot those and then proceded to have some fun.

Daren wanted to do some shots of him naked with something covering his parts. He has tatoos all over his body so this was a great idea to show those.

I wanted to do something more technical with the lighting than I normally do, so I gelled a stobe and had that one designated for the background. The great thing is that white backgrounds reflect light. Which meant I was able to get a rim light from th gel as well. At first I was using a soft box for my key light but the light was just too…. soft. So I switch it to a beauty dish.

All in all, I think that the images came out pretty good. I like them espicaially because I pushed myself with the Lighting.

The set up was this: Beauty dish for key light, a snoot for a fill, reflector on right side (left side of photo), and a gelled strobe for background and rim light.


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